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Benefits of Professional Certification

Professional Certification offers a number of benefits to key
personnel through recognition of professional abilities and skills of
individual employee. Certification provides an opportunity for those
individuals to engage the professional certification process to increase their knowledge, skill set and experience and to be recognized by their respective employers and peers.

The certification process promotes professionalism and leadership through participation, education, and contributions to the law enforcement analytical and critical industries community. For instance, certification may assist analysts in achieving the required analytical competencies suitable for a career path and/or portfolio. In addition, this process provides employers with an enhanced means by which to measure the competence and experience of their key personnel and employees.

The first step to begin the certification process is to become a member of INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR NONVERBAL INTELLIGENCE STUDIES. Apply for Membership here and begin your certification program.

International Center for Nonverbal Intelligence Studies Certification Program

Types of ICNIS Certification

* Certified Human Lie Deception Expert (CHLD.X)

* Certified Cyberwar, Defense & Security Expert (CCDS.X)

* Certified Negotiation & Conflict Management Expert (CNCM.X)

* Certified Digital & Computer Forensics Investigation Expert (CDCFI.X)

* Certified Open-source Intelligence & Analysis Expert (COIA.X)

ICNIS certification in the above listed category involved a rigorous processes in which a participant must go through. For example, it is required that a participant register and complete an ICNIS corresponding course
And then sit for a 4 hours exam comprising of 250 multiple and 15 analytical questions, including real life challenges that requires critical thinking processes to resolve. Candidates must score a minimum of 65% of total exam scores. It is required that all applicants must be a member of ICNIS.

Please contact us for more details.