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The International Center for Nonverbal Intelligence Studies courses cover a wide range of issues, each of which is built to meet the client’s specific needs, combining a variety of individual modules. The complexity and length of the courses depend on the client’s needs, which can range from 1-12 weeks, the modules that are selected and the level of the course, whether it is basic or advanced. Please note that all our courses are offered either in an online mode (email) or in a classroom instructor lead setting. Professional Certificate of Completion (PCC) are issued at the end of successful completion of a course, which usually includes a 200 - 250 multiple options (A, B, C, or D) examination.  A student is required to score a minimum of 45% of total exam questions.

Our current course offerings include:

>  Human Lie and Deception Detection

>  Analytic Interviewing, Interrogation and Lie Detection

>  Critical Thinking for Intelligence Analysts

>  Critical Thinking for Leaders and Executives

>  Critical Thinking for Teachers and Learners

> Information and Network Security (Defense and Offensive Methods)

> Forensic psychology for Law-enforcement Agents

> Managing People & Developing Your Skills As HR Professional

> Strategic Human Resource Management

> Politics, Media and War

> ICTs: e-Government

> Computer & Mobile Devices Forensic and Investigation (Recovery of deleted Data)

> Introduction to the Internet- Accessing the Deep and Darkweb

> Introduction to Intelligence Studies

> Advanced Intelligence Studies and Operations

> Advanced Brainwashing and Police Interrogations

> Open Source Intelligence Operations

> Advanced Intelligence Analysis (A Step-by-Step guide)

> Counter-Terrorism & Suicide Bomber Prevention Techniques

> Advanced Private Security Guard and Management (Basic Intelligence & Counter-terrorism included)

> VIP Protection, Counter-Assassination & Terrorist Drivers Course (Theory & Video Presentation only)

> Love and Courtship Nonverbal Communication Signals

> Negotiation and Conflict Management

> Peace Operations and Humanitarian Management

> Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security

> Machines, Minds and Computers

> Employee Engagement

> Human Rights and Law

> Integrated Safety, Health and Environmental Management

> Finding Information in Society, Business, Education and management



Courses with asterisk need background checks for interested participants who are not currently employed by any of the security and intelligence agencies. Please contact us for individual course details, (see some brief course overview below)  including duration and pricing.

Detection of Deception

The Detection of Deception course is a proprietary, interactive module based on proven intelligence-gathering techniques, and is designed to teach participants to detect deception in all forms of communication. All behaviors that participants are taught to recognize are cross-cultural and gender-neutral, so these techniques are effective in all parts of the world. Participants learn to identify verbal and non-verbal behaviors indicative of deception or lack of confidence, enabling them to focus on areas of concern during their interviews. Participants also learn how to incorporate their detection of deception skills into their existing interviewing and information-collection styles and methods.

Analytic Critical Interviewing

The module on Critical Interviewing focuses on improving the participant’s information-collection skill level. The module teaches participants how to better prepare and strategize for their interviews, and how to formulate questions that are most likely to achieve success in obtaining the information being sought. Participants are also taught how to create a conducive interview environment, and how to project a professional demeanor that facilitates the disclosure of information.

Elicitation of Information

Our Elicitation of Information module is an advanced class that further develops a participant’s ability to collect accurate information. The course provides participants with a low-key means of gathering information from an interviewee such as hardened criminals, terrorist and others who lacks candor or is unwilling to divulge certain information. The participant learns a non-coercive, responsible approach that maintains cordiality and a positive impression of the interviewer.


ICNIS is a widely recognized leader in the field of personnel screening and vetting. ICNIS’s experts have an unsurpassed expertise, and an unprecedented success record, in conducting screening interviews around the globe. Major corporations, defense contractors, high net worth individuals and government routinely utilize these capabilities. We have a great deal of experience in conducting corporate interviews, with a particular strength in working with senior executives. These screening interviews yield remarkable insight into the character of individuals under consideration by those making hiring and human capital decisions

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